Good Night

The end of a busy day,

The lights go out and I slip into bed.

After fidgeting with the covers and getting comfortable,

I look your way and whisper, “good night.”

A moment I sit, patiently, quietly,

Waiting for a sound, a response.

My eyes strain in the dark

Looking for you, hoping to hear.

No acknowledgement,

No whisper in return,

No soft kiss ending our day together.

Our days have ended

In loneliness I turn,

Looking out the window I see stars and moon.

God, You are great, and You span both existences,

Only You see both her and I.

Please, for me, will You tell her good night?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eva Stalnaker Guzman says:

    Beautiful, I do the same for my Max. I had a dream one night he died. As I was waking I felt something big and warm beside me. I was going to tell him the horrible dream I had. And that it wasn’t real because he was laying next to me. I was so happy. It was only my big lovable German Sherpard. Who must have realized that I was having a bad dream? I woke to the real nightmare.


    1. kcradioman says:

      Sometimes the dreams are so real… It’s a mix of joy and terrible sorrow when I wake up. I haven’t had one like that for a long time…


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