Save Me From Grief

My wife was diagnosed, began treatment, and died in 13 days. We didn’t see it coming, had no clue she was sick, and thought she would “beat” her illness. My pain began last summer…others are walking a similar path now.

Jana had Leukemia. It was purely specific to her, a cancer in her blood. Not genetic, not “caught”, and nothing we would have seen before diagnosis. Complications with chemotherapy brought her life to an end…just as we began treatment aimed at extending her life.

In our current climate of infection fears, it occurs to me that I would want no person to endure what I have. Of course, life and death happens. Pain is our constant companion as we live our lives. But, sometimes trouble can be avoided.

My hope, from my single perspective, is that I am able to minimize my exposure to others and thwart potential heartache somewhere down the line if I were to somehow contract or carry COVID-19. It is inconvienent, unwelcome, and, sometimes, boring to isolate myself to any degree. But, my willingness to allow a small amount of freedom-limiting behavior may save somebody else from the intense pain and suffering that I have walked with for the past eight months.

Nobody knows where the virus lurks. Nobody knows when or if they carry this disease. This argument is made, logically, from those who isolate and those who choose to gather, eat, drink, and ingnore suggested best practices.

If I do not observe CDC encouraged guidelines, I may never know if I have helped or hindered the cause. The question becomes, “Am I ok with being a part of the problem?” I cannot, in good conscious, allow myself to disregard others and potentially cause great harm.

Life is precious and given by God. Preserve each life. Care for each life. At times, we must look beyond our own selfishness and consider another. This is that time. You may never carry, contract, or come into contact with this virus…but, you may. Minimize this possibility. The lifetime of grief somebody else could potentially experience may depend on you simply sitting on the couch and watching tv.

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  1. William E Jennen says:

    Well said. Gotta take this seriously.

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