God, the Author

Thoughtfully, with a deliberate carefulness and ease, I placed my hand under the back of the faded leather-bound book and closed it. A rush of wonderful memories immediately flooded my thoughts in one giant tumble of events that, when compiled in one sweet, beautiful package, was titled, “Jana.”

Many years ago I began this text, pouring over every page, finding joy in every chapter. Tears, laughter, hope, and grace were all common themes, each element adding to the depth of the story. Exciting plot twists and unexpected turns spurned me on to anticipate what the next page held in this unfolding tale.

The second to the last chapter was especially difficult and dark. The heroine succumbed to a strictly earthly problem – death. This chapter was short and poignant…although incredibly important to the account. Oh, how I felt the pain in this portion of the writing! This simply cannot be the end…

In the final chapter, though, grace prevails! The star of the book is living eternally with her Savior! Furthermore, this battered reader discovered many powerful life changing take-aways. I have found renewed strength in God’s plan and His willingness to comfort and love. I have new understandings of our Creator, some of my own, previously unconscious, shortcomings were revealed, and my hope for eternity burns like never before! The perfect conclusion to any novel!

After a time of considering all that this text meant, it’s themes and scenes, and finding a great comfort in having read such an important story, I took a look around. Amazingly, I spied another leather-bound volume lying on the table. It appeared brand new, it’s gold scripted writing was clear, and the tug of my curiosity drew me close enough to focus in on the cover and read it’s title…“Stacey.”

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